Armed Security Officer Job Description

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Armed Security Officer Job Profile and Description

The role of an Armed Security Officer or Marshal is similar to that of an armed security guard but entails higher and more onerous responsibilities to guard national figures and places of national importance such as Presidents/Prime Ministers, Speakers of Parliament Houses, Senates & Assemblies of countries.

Duties & Responsibilities

The duties of an Armed Security Officer are:-

  • Be a close-protection officer to escort VVIPs such as Heads of State, Prime Ministers and members of Senates and Houses of Parliament.
  • Conduct pre-search at facilities, and background-checks of people who are likely to have contact with the client.
  • Give close quarter protection to children of VIPs and to prevent their kidnapping or assassination.
  • To head the escort party transporting bullion, cash or jewellery from government treasury to bank safety vaults.
  • To head guard details at the residence of VIPs.
  • Ex-Federal/Police Officers are employed as Armed Security Officers to guard the Chairmen/Presidents and Heads of big Multi-national Corporate Companies.
  • Armed Security Officers provide guard to Embassies, Missions and Consulates in foreign countries.
  • Armed Security Officers provide protection to Justices of the Supreme Court and Judges of the High Courts.
  • Armed Security Officers in civvies (Marshals) protect flights on important International Carriers on routes suspected of terrorism.

Skills and Specifications

  • Be always alert and possess instinctive reactions to deal with emergencies.
  • Have a Nose for suspicious characters, movements and dangerous situations.
  • Possess good memory to remember the faces of criminals and anti-social elements on the ‘Wanted List’.
  • Be trained in small arms precision shooting and in ‘Unarmed Combat’.

Education and Qualifications

  • Minimum College under-graduate.
  • Have previous experience in security unit.
  • Preferably, be a former Police/Federal Officer or Marshal of the Peace (Retired).

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