Bailiff Officer Job Description

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Bailiff Officer Job Profile and Description

Bailiff Officers, also known as Court Officers and Marshall are also law enforcement officers that serve a multi-functional role as correctional officers, security officers, bouncers and counselors. Bailiffs are dedicated, trustworthy, and patient people who do what they can to keep people in a courtroom safe and secure and will often put their lives on the line for this purpose. They are found in courtrooms assisting judges keeping order in the courtroom, supervising detainees on trial, serving pertinent documents for adjudication. They send pertinent summons and warrants to witnesses and schedules of court sessions to plaintiffs. They also assist in securing courthouses.

Bailiff Officer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Accompany and provide protection to jurors, witnesses and detainees on trial on their way to or from courtrooms.
  • Collect and secure unauthorized firearms from persons attending a courtroom hearing or trial.
  • Maintain order in courtroom during trial and secure jury.
  • Guard hospitalized prisoners or witnesses.
  • Deliver or cause the delivery of legal documents on behalf of the judicial system to participants in a court hearing or trial.
  • Examine incoming mail to ensure no banned objects enter the facility.
  • Prepare written and oral reports on detainee behavior, rule infractions and escape attempts.

Bailiff Officer Skills and Specifications

  • Should have outstanding medical and physical health
  • Outstanding verbal communication skills
  • Should have adequate knowledge of court procedures and regulations
  • Should have knowledge in the use of handheld and stationary weapons and metal detection devices

Bailiff Officer Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma is necessary and a training course in a state police academy is required
  • A skill in martial arts gives an added advantage
  • Experience in military or law enforcement is an advantage

Bailiff Officer Salary

The average annual salary of bailiffs is around $39,900. The middle 50% earned between $29,900 and $53,300 with the bottom 10% earning less than $20,000 while the top 10% earned about $64,000. Median annual salary was $33,300 in local government.

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