Bank Security Guard Job Description

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Bank security guard job description and profile

The job of a bank security guard is to ensure safety of the bank in all respects. A bank security guard formulates strategies and suggests the use of new security devices and facilities to the bank management to increase the security of the bank. The job may include exposure to some amount of disk.

Bank security guard duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a bank security guard are:

  • Monitoring the entry and exit of the bank
  • Ensuring safety from thefts and other miscreant activities
  • In times of emergencies, making note of essential details, providing first aid to the injured and getting in touch with law enforcement officials
  • Monitoring customer activity and behavior in the bank to identify suspicious activity
  • Monitor existing security instruments like computers, close circuit cameras and others
  • Confirm that the locks of the locker rooms and money vaults are efficient
  • Assess the security needs of a bank and make suggestions for new security devices and arrangements
  • Exercise safety while handling weapons in the bank
  • Act as an assistant to the chief compliance officer in ensuring that the operations of all divisions are run smoothly
  • Provide security training to new guards

Bank security guard skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a bank security guard are:

  • Outstanding observation skills
  • Outstanding analysis skills
  • A thorough knowledge about security devices and safety measures
  • Ability to constantly upgrade information on security devices
  • Should be bold and courageous
  • Have a thorough knowledge about the floor plan of the bank and all the entry and exit points

Bank security guard education and qualification

The requirements for the job of a bank security guard are a valid security guard and weapons license. Banks train their guards after recruiting. A high school diploma is basically required for the job of a bank security guard.

Bank security guard salary

The average annual salary of a bank security guard is $49,000. The salary may go up to $85,000 annually.

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    Dear sir,
    I just retired from force and have gun license and now wanting a job in between kolkata to ichapur,

  2. Kumar lall says:

    How close can you stand to the teller counter for purposes of detecting and deterring…i.e. I need to hear and see while at the same time not violating anyone’s privacy…or is it conditional on the bank’s policy

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