Correctional Officer Job Description

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Correctional Officer Job Description

They may look like police officers but correctional officers don’t have policing duties. They work mostly indoors guarding and securing inmates in state penitentiary or rehabilitation institutions in accordance with the penal code. They are also tasked with guarding and securing prisoners in transit between courtrooms and penal colonies or hospitals. Correctional officers oversee and control some of the most dangerous criminals to ensure inmate security, accountability and order inside these facilities.

Correctional Officer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare written and oral reports on inmate work, behavior, rule infractions and escape attempts.
  • Process convicted felons and escort them to their cells.
  • Document internal conflicts, behavior discrepancies, hazards, and suspicious circumstances in a daily log and other specialized reports.
  • Conduct daily headcounts to ensure that each prisoner is present.
  • Supervise and oversee inmates in their daily workouts, sports and penitential activities.
  • Assist country sheriff and patrol officers in locating escaped convicts.
  • Operate computerized courtroom and detention cell surveillance systems.
  • Escort inmates during regular visitation, transfer to other penitentiaries, courts and hospitals.
  • Maintain inmate records and inmates identification.
  • Secure penitentiary facilities and screen visitors.

Correctional Officer Skills and Specifications

  • Should have the patience and an observant eye to spot unusual activity in detention cells and surveillance CCTVs
  • Should have the presence of mind to alert security officers or activate alarm systems at the outset of a developing trouble
  • Should be physically fit with quick reflexes with working martial arts skills
  • Should have excellent computer literacy and adeptness in operating audio and video surveillance systems.

Correctional Officer Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma is necessary but some college education gives an advantage
  • An experience in previous security work or apprenticeship in a state police academy is preferred

Correctional Officer Salary

Gaming surveillance officers and gaming investigators enjoyed an average annual salary of $32,000. The middle 50% spread earned between $30,000 and $39,000. The lowest 10% took in about $21,900 while the highest 10% earned more than $52,000.

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