Data Center Security Manager Job Description

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Data Center Security Manager Job Profile and Description

An organization’s data center and its back-up disaster recovery site are among the its most highly secured installation and is often protected by some of the most sophisticated surveillance and building security systems, often using biometric and machine readable IDs or security badges. The Data Center Security Manager is responsible for implementing elaborate security measures for this high security installation which its people and systems should protect against theft and unauthorized entry 24 hours. Not only should the building be protected but also the computers, server farms, network peripherals and data storage equipment installed in the center.

Data Center Security Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Keep abreast with the latest data center security trends by attending seminars and conferences on the subject
  • Coordinate with the IT group to implement and maintain the building security systems, integrating CCTV systems with machine readable property tags to monitor asset movement as well as integrating employee ID systems with timekeeping and HR database systems to ensure that only authorized personnel enter the building premises.
  • Provide IT management with incident reports involving unauthorized access to the building and other security breaches.

Data Center Security Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Should have through practical knowledge of security systems and procedures
  • Should have outstanding communication, social and interpersonal skills
  • Should have outstanding organization, leadership, supervisory and managerial skills
  • Can work beyond regular work hours and can travel to target markets

Data Center Security Manager Education and Qualifications

A college degree in any field is necessary but an 8-10 year experience in securing high profile corporate installations is preferred.

Data Center Security Manager Head Salary

The average annual salary for a Data Center Security Manger depends on the industry where the business belongs, the value of the installation being protected and the holder’s qualification. Data Centers housing mission critical computer systems have highly paid security personnel and the head earns anywhere from $72,000 to $88,000 per annum.

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