Financial Investigator Job Description

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Financial Investigator Job Profile and Description

Financial investigators are often hired by conglomerates or holding companies to build-up confidential financial profiles of companies and individuals that are potential parties to large financial transactions with them. These investigators are often certified public accountants (CPAs) who work closely with brokers and financial institutions to ascertain an organization’s true stock valuation.

Financial Investigator Duties and Responsibilities

  • Gather and review financial documents, inter-office memorandums, audit reports, loan documents as well as newspaper articles about the organization and other data sources to assess the organization’s true financial condition.
  • Examine the minutes of meetings of directors, stockholders and committees to investigate the specific authority extended at various levels of management.
  • Investigate activities of institutions to check they’re operations are complying with legal requirements and that no legal livability will burden the acquiring organization.
  • Train other financial investigators.
  • Prepare valuation reports and recommendations with supporting exhibits that detail a target organization’s assets and liabilities, loan exposures, acquisition risk and compliance with laws and regulations.

Financial Investigator Skills and Specifications

  • Should have an eye for financial detail to spot inconsistencies or errors
  • Should have the tenacity to go through voluminous records or a corporation’s financial statements
  • Should be able to work long hours and often under pressure of a deadline
  • Should have organization verbal and written communication skills
  • Should have organization interpersonal and social skills for dealing with corporations and individual at various management levels

Financial Investigator Education and Qualifications

  • A college degree with BS accounting is basic and a CPA certification is preferred
  • Experience in corporate auditing is an advantage

Financial Investigator Detective Salary

The average annual wages of financial non-CPA Financial Investigators is around $46,000. The middle 50% earned between $31,300 and $61,500 with the lowest 10% getting around $26,750, and the highest 10% at around $79,780. A CPA can expect to earn higher with an annual average salary of $62,580.

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