Hospital Security Guard Job Description

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Hospital security guard job description

A hospital security guard ensures the safety of the hospital within the hospital premises. He helps in evacuation drives in times of fire and other threats. The job involves checking the incoming and outgoing vehicles to curb illegal transport of drugs and other hospital paraphernalia.

Hospital security guard duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a hospital security guard are:

  • Patrolling the hospital premises and identifying suspicious activity
  • Ensuring that the security arrangements in the hospital like computers, alarm systems and close circuit cameras are functioning properly
  • Researching new methods of hospital security and recommending upgrading of the existing system
  • Placing miscreants under citizen’s arrest until he can be handed over to the law enforcement officials
  • Interact with hospital staff of all divisions with special emphasis on drug storage areas, infant care units, ward for mentally ill patients and trauma care
  • In case of fire or bomb threats, taking charge of evacuating the hospital
  • Forming a liaison between the hospital and law enforcement agency

Hospital security guard skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a hospital security guard are:

  • Should be alert and have excellent observation skills
  • Ability to take swift and efficient action in times of emergency
  • Should be bold and courageous to deal with miscreants
  • Should have a thorough knowledge of the floor plan of the hospital including all the normal and emergency entry and exit points
  • Should have good communication and analytical abilities
  • Should have a good knowledge about the rules and regulations of the hospital

Hospital security guard education and qualification

A high school diploma is necessary to obtain the job of a hospital security guard along with a security guard and weapon-handling license from the state.

Hospital security guard salary

The salary of a security guard varies depending on his experience and the hospital. It ranges between $25,000 and $56,000 annually.

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