Hotel Detective Job Description

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Hotel Detective Job Profile and Description

Detectives who work for hotels are responsible for preventing and mitigating losses and protecting assets of the hotel as well as those of its guests. Hotel Detectives protect guests and employees from theft of their belongings, prevent vandalism, damage or loss of hotel property and preserve order in hotel shops, restaurants and bars. They also may keep undesirable persons, such as beggars, street bums and known thieves of the premises.

Hotel Detective Duties and Responsibilities

  • Make the rounds of key hotel areas and floors at specific times of the day or randomly
  • Spend some time monitoring CCTV operation to capture the comings and goings of hotel parking lots, entranceways, lobby, change rooms, hallways, etc.
  • Coordinate with Hotel Security on surveillance procedures
  • Initiate investigation of reported thefts and other criminal behavior done within hotel premises.
  • Apprehend and detain hotel visitors found disrupting operations, vandalizing the property or attempting to harm guests
  • Use two-way radios to alert security officers in other parts of the hotel when in close pursuit of wanted persons within the hotel premises
  • Alert low enforcement officers on apprehended persons

Hotel Detective Skills and Specifications

  • Should have excellent medical health and physical fitness
  • Should have useful martial arts skill
  • Should have a keen observant eye to detect suspicious behavior
  • Should have ability to operate two-way radios for communication with security office and surveillance room
  • Should have suitable communication skills
  • Should have suitable interpersonal and social skills to deal with hotel guests, hotel management and law enforcement officers

Hotel Detective Education and Qualifications

While no formal education is required, a minimum high school diploma, an experience in police work is a preferred and an advantage

Hotel Detective Hotel Detective Salary

Private detectives employed in stores and hotels earned an average annual salary of around $43,900. The middle 50% took in between $31,000 and $61,000. The highest 10% earned about $78,900 while the lowest 10% earned around $24,900. The salary varies greatly between employers depending on state, business and size.

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