IT Security Job Description

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IT security job description and profile

The job of an IT security job entails ensuring that the online transactions are secure since internet crime like identify theft has become glaring reality these days. He also ensures the security of the organization systems by installing firewalls and antivirus software.

IT security job duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an IT security job are:

  • Ensure the security of computers and the information database
  • Educate users to implement security measures on their computers and online transactions
  • Keep abreast with latest internet security measures and upload the new versions regularly
  • Guard confidential information by providing multilevel firewalls
  • Test the performance and efficiency of security systems
  • Take all measures to prevent hacking attempts
  • In case of misuse, track the source of the problem and report to the management
  • Track the computers from which information leak or hacking attempts took place
  • Encode and decode information while transmission to keep them safe
  • Interact with clients and solve their IT security related queries

IT security job skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of an IT security job are:

  • A thorough knowledge about computer hardware, software and security measures
  • Ability to learn new technology quickly and install them to enhance security measures
  • Good communication and troubleshooting abilities
  • A sound knowledge of information broadcast and receiving techniques
  • Should be organized and thorough in work
  • Outstanding observation and analytical skills
  • A sound knowledge of legal guidelines specified for IT security

IT security job education and qualifications

The education and qualifications of an IT security job are:

  • An associate’s degree in computer science and communications is essential.
  • A bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in computer science and information technology help in bright future prospects.

IT security job salary

The salary of an IT security job holder ranges between $78,000 and $122,000 per annum.

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