National Security Advisor Job Description

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National Security Advisor Job Profile and Description

The national security advisor responsibility includes advising the President or the elected head of the country in matters of national importance as and when required.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The national security advisor has the task of advising the President or an elected head of the state in the performance of his duties as and when asked for.
  • He may have to advise the President on national and foreign security issues.
  • He has to be a listening board for the President as they discus matters of national importance.
  • He has to confer with the Secretary of State regularly in matters of security.
  • He has to involve himself in the planning and development of national and foreign security policies of the government.
  • He has to make presentations in the government regarding the security issues the country is facing.
  • He has to hold regular conferences with the Vice President as well.
  • He is responsible for organizing meetings with top level executives of the government regarding security issues.
  • He has to be responsible for ensuring that the President’s political viewpoint is being maintained while developing national and foreign security policies.

Skills and Specifications

  • The national security advisor must have very strong analytical and problem – solving skills.
  • He must be a good listener and be able to manage crisis situations.
  • He must be a very good coordinator and have good organizational skills as well.
  • He must possess exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • He must be willing to work around the clock as and when necessary.
  • He must be willing to travel for work.

Education and Qualifications

A person who wants to become the national security advisor must have at least a Bachelor’s degree. Work experience in the government field is highly preferred.

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