Remote Sensing Scientist Job Description

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Remote Sensing Scientist Job Description

Harnessing the technological advances in miniaturization, computing power and the internet, Remote Sensing Scientists apply remote sensor technologies and methods to detect, analyze data and solve problems in areas inhospitable to human presence such as volcanic craters, weather disturbances, military incursions and surveillance, bomb dispersal, weapons detection and policing functions for homeland security. They work with Artificial Intelligence engineers to develop advance robotics for unmanned surveillance using remote sensing faculties that can be seen and analyzed over the interest miles away.

Remote Sensing Scientist Duties and Responsibilities

  • Apply micro technologies in motors, audiovisual sensors, motion sensors hardware miniaturization and application programming in developing sensing devices installed in remote controlled surveillance or data gathering devices
  • Collect and analyze data taken from remote sensing systems to obtain meaningful functional results.
  • Collect and analyze data gathered from aircraft, satellites, or ground-based remote controlled surveillance platforms using advance image analysis software, statistical software, or Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
  • Keep abreast with emerging technologies by attending seminars and reading up on current literature
  • Conduct studies into the application and potentials of remote sensing technology.
  • Discuss project objectives, hardware and software requirements, and methodologies with fellow scientists and team members.

Remote Sensing Scientist Skills and Specifications

  • Should have outstanding observation skills and eye for detail to identify significant elements in a remotely sensed situational phenomenon.
  • Should have outstanding computer literacy and adeptness in handling high technology gadgets and appliances
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills to work in a team

Remote Sensing Scientist Education and Qualifications

  • A college degree in electronics engineering or equivalent engineering course is necessary.
  • An experience in previous electronics or computer manufacturing jobs gives an added advantage.

Remote Sensing Scientist Remote Sensing Scientist Salary

The average salary for a Remote Sensing Scientist is around $46.22 per hour or $96,000 per annum. The wide range of salaries is the result of various industries with a range of remote sensing requirements as well as they state where they operate.

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