Security Administrator Job Profile and Description

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Security Administrator Job Profile and Description

The role of a Security Administrator of an company or facility is a combination of Security Manager and Security Advisor. He is responsible for overseeing the safety of the personnel, security of material and information of an company from physical assault, fraud, industrial espionage/sabotage and arson by competitors or terrorists.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Is overall Administrator of the Security environment who reports to the administration.
  • Drafts and promulgates Security Standing Orders of the Facility.
  • Maintains close liaison with the Company providing the Security Unit.
  • Plans, directs, and ensures implementation of comprehensive security systems for protection of individuals, commercial and industrial establishments under his responsibility.
  • Plans installation of electronic security systems and outdoor perimeter lighting and microwave alarms.
  • Provides armoured vehicles and armed escorts for transportation of payroll, withdrawal and deposit of cash in bank.
  • Arranges to position fire fighting equipment and fire tenders in location.
  • Arranges security investigation and security clearance of newly hired personnel.
  • Plans and directs personal security and safety of personnel of the company.
  • Investigates crimes committed against client such as fraud, robbery, arson, and patent infringement.
  • Notifies client of security weaknesses and implements procedures for handling, storing, safekeeping, and destroying classified materials.
  • Organizes periodic training cadres to all security and administrative personnel dealing with the security of the establishment.

Skills and Specifications

  • Must have in-depth knowledge of Security Environment and security hazards.
  • Must have undergone appropriate training in Senior Security Management.
  • Is preferably a former member of National Guard, Police Force or Federal Agency.

Education & Qualifications

  • A minimum of college under-graduate degree in Public Administration or related field from an accredited institution.
  • A minimum of 5+ years of experience as Senior Manager dealing in Management, Administrative police and Security.

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