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Security agent Job Descriptions and Profile

A security agent has the duty of protecting both people and property against vandalism, theft, terrorism, fire and illegal activity of different types. Security agents, in general cases, are armed and have source to different types of methods needed to contact police, medical services, fire etc. whenever it is necessary. Their key function is to maintain the security and safety of the employees and property associated with the company they work for. They might have subordinates whom they would have to offer instructions on this related field in order to ensure that the safety of the company is not compromised.

Security agent Duties and Responsibilities

  • Patrolling the assigned field on foot in order to check whether there any cases for fires, suspicious activity, vandalism etc.
  • Investigating and reporting the hazards, suspicious activities to the campus police for correction actions and also maintaining contact with the campus police for effective action.
  • Checking the doors and the windows of the buildings in order to ensure that they have been tightly locked and are strong enough to fight any hazard.
  • Observing the activity in the assigned area and alerting the visitors of any case of infractions.
  • Assisting people in the building or on the grounds who require directions or information about campus.
  • Escorting people to their desired destination especially when they are carrying money, documents or something of confidential nature.
  • Responding to the alarms and the dispatched calls in order to decide about the type of actions, which need to be taken on the basis of the demand of the situation.
  • Unlocking buildings after thoroughly checking the identification and ensuring that it is in compliance with the policies.

Security agent Education, Training and Qualifications

A Bachelor’s degree in Police Science or Criminal Justice etc would be sufficient but the concerned person has to undergo security training in order to learn the intricacies of the job. Work experience in executing security related activities would be essential.

Security agent Degrees, Courses & Certification

A professional has to undergo a background, criminal record and finger print check as a part of pre employments check up. Employers mostly look for good references, outstanding physical health and zero police record while hiring these professionals.

Security agent Skills and Specifications

  • Outstanding communication and problem solving skills
  • Decision making abilities
  • Great observation and organizational skills
  • Exceptional working stamina and stress tolerance
  • Strong enough to combat attacks

Security agent Salary/Wage

The average annual salary of a security agent is about $33,600 and could change from one employer to another.

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  1. Ankita Suresh Dalvi says:

    are there any vacancies for security agent post in air india and what is the montly salary of security agent?

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