Security Assistant Job Descriptions

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Security assistant Job Descriptions and Profile

Almost every company has a security manager and in most cases, he requires a security assistant who would follow the security related supervisions. They are needed for taking care of the responsibilities related to an establishment’s safety and security. Security assistants offer protection to the company they are associated with against crimes of all nature. This professional has to deal with both the paper work and fieldwork related to the security management of the employees working for the company.

Security assistant Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisting in the development of plans and programs related to security issues.
  • Coordinating with the manager and other members related to the security management in the company.
  • Monitoring and identifying the information related to security discrepancies in order to make it sure that the classified documents have been correctly marked and safeguarded and are useful for future correspondence.
  • Processing the alarm requests, issuing personal identification cards, providing access training for the new employees.
  • Acting as liaison with the main security services of the company, taking care of the equipment maintenance, and fixing issues.
  • Handing receipt holders for the communications security equipments and conducting the inventories and also the basic troubleshooting.
  • Processing the security clearance confirmation memos, visiting requests, and requesting for the confidential system accounts.
  • Monitoring policies, procedures, and methods related to identifying of classified information, property, amenities etc.
  • Serving as the facility custodian of the confidential storage devices
  • Performing a good range of security management work especially under the supervision of the person in charge.
  • Taking care of the employees security, physical security, information security, and communications security matters.

Security assistant Education, Training and Qualifications

A high school diploma is suffice but the individual concerned has to undergo a pre employment training which would train him adequately in order to do well in the job. Experience of assisting security managers as interns can be of huge help.

Security assistant Degrees, Courses & Certification

Though no formal degree is required here, a formal training is imperative and a pre- employment background check would be conducted before recruitment.

Security assistant Skills and Specifications

  • Ability to follow all types of supervisory directions
  • Exceptional working stamina and stress tolerance
  • Alert and ability to interact
  • Strong enough to combat attacks
  • Great monitoring abilities is required

Security assistant Salary/Wage

The salary of a security assistant professional is $26,000 per annum and varies depending on the experience.

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