Security Engineer Job Description

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Security Engineer Job Profile and Description

The security engineer is responsible for designing, evaluating and testing the security of systems to ensure that the systems and data integrity of the company is being maintained and is up – to – date.

Duties and Responsibility

  • A security engineer has to plan the way in which the security of the systems of the company is to be tested.
  • He is responsible for ensuring that the data stored in computers are secure from hackers.
  • He has to monitor the computer security systems, visitors to the site and organizational users.
  • He has to encrypt data in the systems as and when required.
  • He has to authenticate any user of the systems and make sure that no hacker can pass through.
  • He has to ensure that business of the company is kept operational during work hours.
  • He has to maintain back ups and upgrade systems as and when required.
  • He has to make reports on the security systems and present them to his supervisor.

Skills and Specifications

  • A security engineer must have very good technical skills.
  • He must be willing to work in front of a computer for long hours every working day.
  • He has to have a technologically creative bent of mind to ensure that he can detect a hacker’s moves easily.
  • He must be a problem – solver.
  • He must have very good analytical skills as well.
  • He should possess good written communication skills as he may have to make reports on the systems integrity of the company he is working for.

Education and Qualifications

Persons who want to become a security engineer must possess a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related degree. Interest in network security and such fields gives an added advantage.

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