Security Expert Job Description

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Security expert Job Description and Profile

Maintenance of security becomes imperative in every company as it may fail to operate successfully until and unless it is safe. The task of the security expert is of patrolling the assigned area either on foot or vehicle in order to make it sure that it is problem free. The main responsibility of this professional is to offer the people working in the company a safe and healthy ambience to work in by investigating different issues of hazard and solving it efficiently. This professional has to report each and every security related detail to the security supervisor of the company.

Security expert Duties and Responsibilities

  • Patrolling the assigned post in order to maintain visibility and observing the unusual activities if any.
  • Investigating and reporting maintenance and security conditions which would endanger associates, customers etc.
  • Ensuring that the regular administrative documentations are kept in concise form and maintaining every regular assigned device in presentable and functional state.
  • Investigating security related incidents, interviewing the witnesses, making reports and following it up with management.
  • Making it sure that all the employees of the company have received their identification cards and that everyone from customers to associates receive a good working environment.
  • Maintaining both the customer and state requested certificates, keeping all fees and documents of the employees for future references.
  • Offering training to the juniors in order to make them aware of the methods and techniques of security maintenance.
  • Offering site-specific training, grooming the new recruits and ascertaining that all desired standards are maintained in case of security management.

Security expert Education, Training and Qualifications

A minimum of bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Police Science or Criminal Justice along with good deal of idea about the security techniques and management is imperative. At least five years of experience in security management field is essential.

Security expert Job Degrees, Courses & Certification

Knowledge about the security studies is imperative for an individual to make an entry into this field. The candidate can take up courses on data encryption, intelligence management, security information, data protection etc to gain better opportunities.

Security expert Skills and Specifications

  • Ability to work in a collaborative and multi-disciplinary framework
  • Excellent communication skills and great organizational skills.
  • Outstanding working stamina and stress tolerance
  • Ability to think independently and take correct decisions.
  • Attention to details.
  • Highly responsible and awareness about the latest trends in security studies

Security expert Job Salary/Wage

The average annual salary of a security expert can be about $53,000. This salary might differ from one company to another and the expertise and experience of the professional would play an important role in the nature of the fees.

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