Security Guard Job Description

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Security Guard Job Profile and Description

The job of a Security Guard at an installation or premises is a very onerous and highly responsible position which includes the safety and security of people, valuable materials, and classified documents.

Duties and Responsibilities

Some of the important duties are to:-

  • Possess smart appearance, bearing and turnout of uniform.
  • Be alert during duty period.
  • Learn all security drills and security procedures laid down in the Standing Orders.
  • Report for duty at least 15 minutes before the start of duty watch to receive briefing and special instructions, if any, from Security Supervisor.
  • Check and take charge of duty registers and log books from previous Guard.
  • Verify and take charge of important keys from previous Guard.
  • Prevent access to any unauthorized persons inside the premises/installation.
  • Politely answer any inquiries of visitors and direct them to the appropriate authorities/staff inside after obtaining permission of staff.
  • Direct visitors with problems to the concerned authorities.
  • Check all employees and vehicles for identity and purpose of entry.
  • Fill in the log of entry and exit of employees, materials, vehicles and stores.
  • Maintain record of Issue of Gate Pass for outgoing materials and stores.
  • Monitor behavior of suspicious persons, movement of vehicles and stores.

Skills and Specifications

  • Be always alert and ready to deal with security emergencies.
  • Have an eye for suspicious characters, movements and dangerous situations.
  • Possess good memory to remember all the codes and standard security procedures.

Education and Qualifications

  • At least a High School graduate.
  • Training in computers, if dealing with security codes, passwords for entry/exit.
  • Training in Fire Fighting, First Aid and Life Saving drills.
  • Previous experience in security unit gives an added advantage

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