Security Screener Job Description

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Security screener Job Description and Profile

The security screener is a vital professional in every company as his important duty is of maintaining the safety of the company. The main responsibility of a security screener is to ensure that the security system is sufficiently secured and he executes this task by analyzing the system. This professional also answers the telephone calls for taking messages, responds to questions, and provides information even during the non-business hours. This individual should coordinate with the other members of the company related to security management for its smooth functioning.

Security screener Duties and Responsibilities

  • Monitoring and authorizing both the entry and departure of the employees, visitors etc.
  • Calling the police or the fire departments whenever there is an event of emergency.
  • Circulating amongst the visitors, employees with the aim of protecting the requisite law and order and also for protecting property.
  • Answering the alarms and investigating the cause of disturbances.
  • Patrolling the premises for preventing and detecting the signs of disturbance and ensuring the security of the buildings within the premises.
  • Escorting or driving the vehicle for transporting the individuals to a specified location and providing protection.
  • Detecting devices in order to screen the individuals and preventing the passage of entry of forbidden articles within the restricted areas.
  • Warning people about violations, and apprehending the situations where use of force would be necessary.
  • Inspecting and adjusting the security systems, devices in order ensure the operational utilization of the security systems.
  • Monitoring and adjusting of the controls, which regulate the building systems, like that of furnace, conditioning, or boiler.

Security screener Education, Training and Qualifications

A high school diploma is essential and in order to join services as a security screener a person has to undergo pre employment training. A security screener through his expertise and experience can aim to reach the position of a security assistant.

Security screener Degrees, Courses & Certification

A formal training is needed for each and every security screener in order to join the service and function properly. These professionals need to have good references, brilliant physical health and no police record in order to get a job in this security sector.

Security screener Skills and Specifications

  • Good Knowledge of security rules and procedures.
  • Strong analytical and screening skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Ability to take quick and effective decisions
  • Outstanding working stamina and stress tolerance
  • Alert and ability to interact

Security screener Salary/Wage

The average annual salary of a security screener is around $ 32,000. This salary rate varies from one company to another.

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