Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs Job Description

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Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs Job Profile and Description

Law enforcement in rural or unincorporated districts at the county level is in the hands of Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs who also serve legal processes of courts. Sheriffs are elective positions, performing duties no different from those of local or county police chiefs. The Sheriffs’ divisions are relatively small, most having no more than 50 sworn officers. Deputy Sheriffs have law enforcement duties similar to those of officers in urban police divisions. Police and sheriffs’ deputies who provide security in city and county courts, escort defendants and patrol courthouse, guard court or grand jury are called bailiffs

Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs Duties and Responsibilities

  • Drive county vehicles to patrol specific areas to detect unlawful elements of society, issue citations or serve arrest warrants.
  • Initiate investigation of illegal or suspicious activities.
  • Ensure that the legal charges have been filed against law violators.
  • Record activities and submit logs and other related paperwork to appropriate authorities on a daily basis.
  • Patrol and guard courthouses and grand jury rooms.
  • Alert patrol units to arrest suspected violators into custody.
  • Provide rescue and search assistance or medical aid.
  • Place people in protective custody.
  • Control of accident scenes to restore traffic flow, assist victims, and investigate causes.
  • Serve subpoenas, summonses, jury summonses, statements of claims, alimony payment orders, and other court orders.

Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs Skills and Specifications

  • Outstanding medical and physical health as well as mental alertness
  • Outstanding oral and written communication skills
  • Outstanding interpersonal and social skills

Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs Education

While a high school diploma is the basic essential, some state require at least 1-2 years of college course work or attendance in law enforcement post secondary education

Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs Salary

Sheriffs average annual salary is around $53,000. The middle 50% took in between $39,999 and $66,666 with the bottom 10% getting about $32,200 while the top 10% got about $80,700.

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