Ship Security Officer Job Description

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Ship security officer Job Description and Profile

A ship no matter what its nature is like- commercial, cruise etc need a ship security officer who would be able to maintain the requisite amount of security on board. A ship may face a number of hazards both while sailing and on board which need to be addressed sufficiently for its smooth operation. Ship security officer takes care of this requirement. He has both theoretical and practical functions, while on one hand he has to carry out paper work related to security maintenance on the other hand he has to participate in fieldwork with his fellow members. This job is a highly challenging and requires the professional to stay on his toes all the time.

Ship security officer duties and responsibilities

  • Patrolling industrial and commercial premises for preventing and detecting signs of disturbance and also ensuring the security of gates windows and doors.
  • Answering the alarms and investigating the source of disturbances.
  • Assisting people related to maintenance of security in the ship and offering them with directions on safety issues.
  • Developing, planning and executing ship security plans.
  • Conducting ship security measures and carrying out proper risk assessments.
  • Developing and maintaining of different types of safety regulations for the welfare of the vessel.
  • Implementing regular and effective search measures and safety controls.
  • Minimizing the chances of damage to the ship and enhancing the safety of both the ship and its carriers.
  • Checking the security related devices in the ship regularly in order to ensure that they are effective enough.
  • Informing the ship’s captain about any event or accident, which has the potential of damaging the security of the ship and taking action against it.
  • Maintaining a log regarding the security related plans and programs that have been undertaken for future reference.

Ship security officer Education, Training and Qualifications

A Bachelor’s degree in any subject would be sufficient but the person concerned should possess adequate amount of knowledge about the style of vessel operations. The individuals can take internship as an assistant security officer in order to gain practical experience in this field.

Ship security officer Degrees, Courses & Certification

The professional would have to undergo a SSO certification course for a better opportunity. A candidate possessing a sea going experience is likely to have more chances to be recruited by a shipping corporation.

Ship security officer Skills and Specifications

  • Knowledge about security trends
  • Problem solving skills
  • Exceptional working stamina and stress tolerance
  • Good coordination skills and team spirit
  • Critical thinking and problem solving abilities

Ship security officer Salary/Wage

The salary of a ship security officer is about $60,000 annually.

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  1. Ernest Clinkscales says:

    My name is Ernest Dwayne Clinkscales and I’m seeking a career as a Ship Security Officer. I’m a former United States Marine and have sixteen years of experience in Law Enforcement/Security. What is the proper protocol in obtaining a Ship Security Officer’s position? What companies are hiring Ship Security Officer’s? Finally, thank you for your time and consideration.

    Yours truly,

    Ernest D. Clinkscales

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