Store Security Detective Job Description

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Store Security Detective Job Profile and Description

Just about all department stores and malls employ Store Detectives or Loss Prevention Officers. They are specially trained to conduct covert retail store security with a combination of using a surveillance system and simply mingling with the shoppers to detect any suspicious activities. They wear plain clothes and act like police on patrol in a store but unlike police, they don’t have any arresting authority but apprehend and detain suspected shoplifters who may be released upon payment of shoplifted item or turned over to the responding local police for prosecution.

Store Security Detective Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervise the operation of the store CCTV monitoring system to capture the comings and goings of store parking lots, entranceways, checkouts, change rooms
  • Mingle with shoppers to identify potential shoplifters from patrons as well as sales staff, vendors and delivery personnel
  • Conduct regular or random inspections of stock areas, dressing and rest rooms,
  • Make the rounds of the store immediately before closing to ensure no one is hiding in dressing rooms and lavatories
  • Apprehend and detain suspected shoplifters
  • Coordinate with store manager to determine whether or not to press charges
  • Alert low enforcement officers on shoplifters detained.
  • Provide management with loss prevention and security reports
  • Provide evidence in court in any prosecution against shoplifters

Store Security Detective Skills and Specifications

  • Should have excellent medical health and physical fitness
  • Should have useful martial arts skill
  • Should have a keen observant eye to detect suspicious behavior
  • Should have ability to operate two-way radios for communication with security office and surveillance room
  • Should have strong communication skills

Store Security Detective Education and Qualifications

A high school diploma is basic essential but an undergraduate course in Police science or equivalent experience in police or security work gives an added advantage.

Store Security Detective Salary

The average annual salary for private store detectives is approx. $45,000 when the middle 50% took in between $32,000 and $60,000. The highest 10% earned about $79,000 while the lowest 10% earned around $25,500. The salary varies greatly between employers depending on state, business and size.

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