Family Counselor Job Description

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Family Counselor Job Profile and Description

A Family Counselor is an individual who is a specialized person, who applies family systems theory, techniques, and principles to help families in dealing with personal crises and to treat emotional and mental disorders. Objective of family counselors is to change people’s behavior and perceptions, prevent family and individual crises, and improve communication. They work in clinics, mental health centers, social service agencies, hospitals, and private practice. In a few cases, the family counselors’ refer the family members to a specialist for any additional treatment, like prescription drug for the treatment of mental disorders.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Gathering information about families, using techniques like interviewing, discussing, testing, and observing.
  • Counseling family members on concerns like unsatisfactory relationships, child rearing, financial issues, divorce and separation, and home management.
  • Conferring with families for the development of plans for the activities post-treatment.
  • Developing and executing personalized treatment plans to address family relationship problems.
  • Maintaining case files, which include activities, evaluations, progress notes, and recommendations.
  • Determining whether the customers need counseling or may refer to specialists in fields such as psychiatry, medicine, and legal aid.
  • Following up on the results of counseling techniques and the adjustments of customers to determine efficacy of programs.
  • Providing public consultation and education to other groups or professionals regarding counseling services, methods, and issues.
  • Supervising other counselors, assistants, and social service staff.

Skills and Specifications

  • Skills to inspire, trust, respect, and confidence.
  • Skills to work solely or as a team member.
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills.
  • Skills to organize interviews and discussions.
  • Skills to settle conflicts.

Education and Qualifications

  • A good Master’s degree in counselor education programs, psychology, or human services is imperative.
  • Doctorate in family therapy is also essential.

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