Probation and Parole Officer Job Description

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Probation and Parole Officer Job Profile and Description

Probation and Parole Officers are responsible for the performance supervision of convicted felony and misdemeanor offenders freed by the courts. The officer performs various routine duties that range from courtroom testimony, law enforcement responses, investigation and report writing, employment, and housing. The main responsibility of a probation and parole officer is to make sure that the offenders adhere to the standard rules and regulations of parole or probation or special conditions, which the court imposes. Managing caseloads and monitoring offenders in compliance with court orders.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Facilitating meetings with health care professionals to determine appropriate health treatment for the customers.
  • Conducting pre-parole and pre-sentence investigations acquiring pertinent information from defendants, police officers, complainants, and relatives.
  • Developing specialized treatment plans for wrongdoers with special needs.
  • Preparing reports and summaries of investigations, attending and presenting them at hearings.
  • Meeting the parolees and probationers in their place of employment, homes, or the office to observe and suggest special services for their rehabilitation.
  • Supervising parolees and probationers to assist these people in an effective rehabilitation.
  • Reporting questionable items or unusual conditions to supervisor.
  • Preparing reports related to the assignment and maintaining records.
  • Arresting and transporting the parolees and probationers who violates.

Skills and Specifications

  • Good Knowledge of probation and parole laws pertaining to offenders.
  • Skills to evaluate findings, conduct investigations, and prepare reports.
  • Skills to discern pathological behavior.
  • Skills to maintain friendly public relations.

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in sociology, criminal justice, psychology, social work or related field from an accredited institution.
  • Master’s degree in social work or related field.

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