Public Housing Advisor Job Description

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Public Housing Advisor Job Profile and Description

The Public Housing Advisor is a person, who introduces tenants to facility, explains rules and requirements, provides advice and counsel, identifies, arranges for, or refers to social services and resources. Housing advisor offers impartial and pragmatic support and advice to people facing with housing difficulties. Their main responsibility is to deliver a professional advice in while adhering to specific areas of laws, such as housing, community care, debts, and welfare benefits.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conducting customer interviews and diagnostic interviews at the office or over the telephone.
  • Assessing the customer’s problems and finding the best possible solutions.
  • Corresponding to the customer’s needs and identifying desired actions or outcomes.
  • Referring customers to required other support, such as solicitors, the benefits agency, or social workers.
  • Generating letters confirming support or advice.
  • Composing and implementing case plans.
  • Preparing and implementing operational and strategic plans.
  • Making referrals to solicitor and supporting solicitors on certified work as required.
  • Providing general level advocacy to other agencies on behalf of the customer.
  • Securing social services, such as welfare, health, and education programs to improve community and family standards.
  • Mediating in quarrels between the customer, property owners, or banks.
  • Keeping abreast with modern housing policy and legislation.

Skills and Specifications

  • Good Knowledge of property and maintenance management policies.
  • Skills to manage resources and time effectively.
  • Skills to use Microsoft office applications.
  • Skills to identify solutions to meet customer expectations.
  • Aptitude to outline related housing documents.

Education and Qualifications

  • A Bachelor’s degree in human services, sociology, housing, or related field from an accredited institution is imperative.
  • Few years of experience in housing service activities.

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