Social Services Assistant Job Description

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Social Services Assistant Job Profile and Description

Social Services Assistant’s job includes assisting healthcare workers, social workers, or other professionals to render services to customers in helping them improve their value of life. These assistants perform duties, such as assessing customers’ needs, investigating their eligibility for services and benefits like Medicaid, welfare, and food stamps, and helping customers obtain them. The assistants work with various customer groups, which include families in distress, older people, children, and customers with mental health conditions and learning difficulties.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Contacting customers, advising them about available resources and arranging appointments.
  • Assisting and caring customers with their educational, medical, and personal problems.
  • Performing direct functions, such as counseling, maintaining records of customers, or arranging meetings and social activities.
  • Working within the multidisciplinary team and taking part in associated meetings;
  • Visiting customers at their home, assessing their needs and arranging post-discharge personal or domestic or personal care.
  • Collecting information and preparing reports concerning customers’ progress.
  • Writing reports of customers, updating and maintaining their records.
  • Following up enquiries, and carrying out case reviews.
  • Liaising with social and health service users, their colleagues and relatives.
  • Appraising customers’ situations and finding out the best solution to customer’s issues.

Skills and Specifications

  • Good Knowledge of national and local ordinances.
  • Well-assured and quick decision-making ability.
  • Sociable and patient personality.
  • Skills to evaluate and prioritize work processes.
  • People and empathy skills to build rapport with customers.
  • Effective time manageable ability is highly required.

Education and Qualifications

  • An Associate degree in subjects like human services, social sciences, or gerontology is basic.
  • Master’s degree or Bachelor’s degree in fields like human services, social work, counseling, or rehabilitation gives an added advantage.

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