Social Services Case Manager Job Description

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Social Services Case Manager Job Profile and Description

Social Services Case Managers are accountable to manage the customers, who are in need of medical health and mental, elderly care, substance abuse, or welfare related services. They are responsible to complete intake interviews, determine need for psychosocial, psychiatric, and therapeutic medical evaluations, review treatment plans, goals, and therapist evaluations. They determine the level of customer’s risk and take appropriate step, or accept cases from the investigators and provide assessment, follow-up intervention, and case management.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintaining up-to-date system signifying foster parent vacancies in accordant with established procedures.
  • Identifying appropriate foster home or any other placement resource.
  • Interacting with families and individuals to assess their requirements, and find social services programs that would assist them.
  • Reviewing behavioral, educational, and medical needs of a child referred for residency at specified intervals.
  • Supervising children in in-home interventions and out-of-home placements.
  • Assisting the placement providers or parents in satisfying the children needs.
  • Preparing foster and adoptive family assessments using applicable information-gathering techniques, such as home visits and interviews.
  • Coordinating the integration of case management or social services functions into the customer care, home planning, and discharge processes.
  • Acting as patient advocate, investigating, and reporting adverse occurrences.
  • Evaluating quality of healthcare provided and patient satisfaction.

Skills and Specifications

  • Skills to maintain and respect confidentiality.
  • Skills to self-direct the work.
  • Effective stress coping skills


  • Must be patient with customer and circumstances.
  • Must respect cultural, social and racial differences.

Education and Qualifications

  • A Bachelor’s degree in psychology, social work, sociology, child development or related field from an accredited institution is imperative.
  • A Master’s degree in social work, sociology or psychology gives an added advantage.

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