Social Services Founder Job Description

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Social services founder job description and profile

A social services founder forms a social service company, which focuses on a particular type of service like woman and child welfare, rehabilitation of drug addicts and sex workers, unemployed people and other services. He hires an efficient staff in order to take the work of the social service company forward and strive at helping as many people as possible.

Social services founder duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a social service founder are as follows:

  • Formulating the vision statement and principles on which the company functions
  • Hiring efficient staff to ensure fulfillment of company ideology
  • Registering the company as per federal and state laws
  • Obtaining permissions and license for operating the company
  • Ensuring that the staff does not deviate from the ideology of the company
  • Visit pace of work and evaluate working strategy
  • Supervise the money management and financial transactions and ensure that they are properly documented
  • Make efforts to spread awareness about the social service company so that the people in need can contact the agency
  • Make contact with other social service companies

Social services founder skills and specifications

The skills and specifications for a social service founder are as follows:

  • Desire to help and serve people
  • A strong knowledge about federal and state laws governing social service companies
  • Outstanding management skills
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
  • Skills to work under pressure when there is a need to deal with uncouth people and miscreants
  • Skills to put service before self and work for the welfare of the society

Social services founder education and qualification

There is no specification as such for the founder of a social service company although a degree in social work helps in better company and planning.

Social services founder salary

The income or the salary of the social service founder depends on the working of the company.

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