Social Work Services Director Job Description

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Social Work Services Director Job Profile and Description

The role of a Social Services Director is to ensure the smooth administrative functioning of all divisions of the association. A social services director also requires overseeing the works of case managers. The director supervises the activities of the social service managers and other workers. Their main goal is to ensure that all social welfare schemes and activities are in compliance with the laws of the association.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Identifying the social issues and community needs.
  • Developing strategies and budgetary planning for meeting social requirements of the community.
  • Organizing and coordinating the functions of the division.
  • Planning and developing social welfare schemes in compliance with the legal guidelines.
  • Defining divisional objectives and goals.
  • Putting into effect policies, procedures and rules for associational functioning.
  • Forming alliances with state bodies and non- profit associations for community welfare.
  • Conducting annual and monthly review and evaluation of divisional staff.
  • Representing the division in seminars, meetings and conferences.
  • Recruitment of personnel for social programs.

Skills and Specifications

  • Skills to evaluate and prioritize work processes.
  • Skills to develop and maintain cordial relations with public representatives of various state divisions.
  • Interpretational skills and understanding of legal norms and regulations of public affairs.
  • Good Knowledge of the issues and problems faced by the society.
  • Strong leadership skills.

Education and Qualifications

  • A Bachelor’s degree in sociology or any social sciences related field is imperative.
  • A Postgraduate degree in social work, human services, or social science gives an added advantage.

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