Social Work Services Manager Job Description

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Social work services manager job description and profile

A social work services manager oversees the functioning of the social service association to which he is related. His job involves deciding the financial transactions of the association, supervising and evaluating the performance of employees, developing the facilities of the association and improving the quality of service provided.

Social work services manager duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a social work services manager are:

  • Ensuring that the social service association is working as per the formulated ideology, rules and regulations
  • Coordinating resources within the association and external resources in order to enhance the quality of service provided
  • Contact other social service associations in order to assess the needs of the community
  • Formulate the budget by taking into consideration the requirements of the association
  • Prioritize issues that come to the association in the basis of emergency and seriousness
  • Incorporating new strategies in order to improve service
  • Make efforts to increase the visibility of the association
  • Research new methods of increasing productivity of the association

Social work services manager skills and specifications

The skills and specifications required for a social work services manager are:

  • Outstanding management skills
  • A good awareness about federal and state laws
  • A good knowledge about human psychology
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
  • Skills to overview the issue at hand sensitively and prepare a plan of action
  • Skills to be an outstanding leader and motivate employees and clients alike
  • Outstanding skills to handle stress and maintain a cool head while making decisions

Social work services manager education and qualification

A bachelor’s degree is necessary for the job. A master’s degree is required for some associations.

Social work services manager salary

A social work services manager can earn up to $90,000 annually based on the association where he works.

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