Vocational Specialist Job Description

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Vocational Specialist Job Profile and Description

The Vocational Specialist will require evaluating the vocational potential of persons with disabilities or other occupation allied shortcomings in addition to counseling and case management. This professional will require to work as coordinator for special education and employment support. These specialists provide assistance in student enrollment process and implements new innovative ideas and plans for vocational training.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordination with teachers for holding vocational courses and programs.
  • Providing assistance in student enrollment processes.
  • Synchronizing with community agencies for the placement of the students post completion of their training.
  • Maintaining records and making necessary reports related to the vocational training programs.
  • Reporting requirements relating to staff recruitment, budgetary needs and new programs.
  • Strategizing and working towards obtaining grants from companies.
  • Implementing new innovative ideas and plans for vocational training.
  • Ensuring to conduct all vocational training activities in accordance with the state laws and guidelines.
  • Conducting review and progress analysis of students enrolled in vocational programs.

Skills and Specifications

  • Networking skills and the skill to coordinate with companies and agencies,
  • Skills to evaluate and analyze the behavior of children.
  • Skills to understand and identify the skills and potentials of individuals.
  • Good Knowledge of the legal guidelines for conducting vocational activities.
  • Knack to encourage and build confidence amongst students.
  • Good written and verbal communication and analytical skills.

Education and Qualifications

  • At least a Bachelor’s Degree in vocational rehabilitation, social work or Special Education or in any closely related field is imperative.
  • Postgraduate degree in social work, sociology, vocational rehabilitation, Special Education or welfare services gives an added advantage.

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