Amusement and Recreation Worker Job Description

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Amusement and Recreation Worker Job Profile and Description

Students can work as a part time lifeguard or assistant operators of amusement rides or in gyms and spas in resorts and hotels. They get to earn a few bucks while enjoying the job.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible to maintain discipline rules for being safe at site.
  • Assist the hotel or resort staff in managing the daily operations of recreational facilities.
  • Responsible for noticing the requirement of medicines and call the physician immediately.
  • Conduct orientation class to acquaint quests in the use of recreational sporting facilities along with safety and relevant procedures.
  • Greet guest arrivals who are participants to planned recreational and sporting activities, introducing them to other participants and explaining facility rules.
  • Maintain time and attendance performance as required in your contract.
  • Amusement and recreational worker is responsible to develop various policies and plans to make the recreational activities effective and impressive

Skills and Specifications

  • Must have pleasant personality and cheerful disposition
  • Must have excellent medical and physical fitness
  • Must have excellent oral communication and interpersonal skills

Education and Qualifications

  • There’s no specific educational background for the job as training will be provided.


  • The median salary in 2009 for an Amusement and Recreation Worker was $8.71 hourly or $18,120 annually. As a part time summer job, you will be paid well that let’s you enjoy while doing the work.

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