Archeology Assistant Job Description

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Archeology Assistant Job Profile and Description

Archaeologists examine ancient sites and objects to learn about the past. They may specialize in particular geographical areas, historical periods, or types of object, such as pottery, coins or bones. Excavations, commonly called ‘digs’, are only part of an archaeologist’s work, which also includes recording, analyzing and interpreting archaeological remains. Archaeologists are also involved in the preservation and conservation of artifacts, historic sites and monuments, curating, publicizing and displaying artifacts and carrying out research and educational work.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide assistance to the archeologist/professor in conducting and supervising archeological excavations.
  • Provide research staff support in evaluating archeological finds, dating specimens and documentation.
  • Assist in the documentation of the expedition for publication in relevant journals.
  • Perform relevant tasks as may be directed by the archeologist /professor

Skills and Specifications

  • Does not mind working in dusty and dirty locations where the archeological excavations are being undertaken
  • Has excellent physical health and mental alertness to face the hazards of an archeological expedition
  • Can work long hours in deserts, jungles or rocky mountains
  • Can be trusted to keep archeological finds in good condition
  • Can be trusted to keep archeological findings confidential until authorized to release in relevant journals
  • Has excellent interpersonal and communication skills to interact with local natives and populace and government bureaus during the excavation
  • Had excellent writing skill to document archeological find for approval by the archeologist/professor

Education and Qualifications

  • As a student job, the relevant undergraduate course is necessary to get the summer or semester break position
  • A keen interest in archeological studies is important


  • The internship or student job does not benefit any standard salary but depending on the professor, a stipend or allowance is granted to cover temporary lodging, meals and transport related to the research work during the period.

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