Fitness Instructor Job Description

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Fitness Instructor Job description and profile

The job of a fitness instructor is to ensure that the clients perform the workout in the right manner. He instructs the clients on the right method of working out, keeps track of their progress and formulates a fitness program based on the requirements of the client. Fitness instructors may be employed by sports bodies to train athletes.

Fitness instructor duties and responsibilities

  • Assessing the needs of the clients and prepare workout regime based on the requirement.
  • Instructing clients on the right method of performing workout.
  • Keep track of the progress of the client and document the results.
  • Make changes in the workout schedule depending on the progress.
  • Recommend the right kind of diet and eating habits and recommend changes in lifestyle for the benefit of the clients.
  • While instructing athletes, make sure that they follow safety precautions like wearing protective gear.
  • Administer first aid to clients in case of injuries.
  • Maintain the exercise equipment and replace damaged gear.
  • Discuss the progress of the client with him and guide him towards achieving better fitness levels.

Skills and specifications

  • A sound knowledge about different kinds of fitness regimes and formulating customized regimes.
  • A sound knowledge about human body and the injuries that can be caused during exercise.
  • A sound knowledge about first aid techniques.
  • Excellent speaking and motivating skills.
  • Ability to instruct in a friendly manner.
  • Good observation and analytical skills.

Fitness instructor education and qualification

  • A high school diploma followed by certification for CPR/AED
  • A bachelor’s degree in fitness related subjects

Fitness instructor salary

The median salary of a fitness instructor is $47,000 per annum.

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