Library Student Worker Job Description

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Library Student Worker Job Description and Profile

Librarians often require assistants in order to carry out their duties in the library and such tasks are generally delegated to the Library student workers. They are mostly asked to fulfill the clerical jobs and expected to help both the patrons and the staffs of the library. In fact, they even execute regular task of shelf maintenance through dusting, shifting books, straightening, shelving books, and shelf reading. These professionals work in educational institutes, universities or any private organization.

Library Student Worker Duties and Responsibilities

  • Understanding and executing effectively the basic library rules and procedures.
  • Offering support to Circulation desk and providing assistance for special projects and assignments.
  • Providing support needed to carry out the regular library tasks and functions, shelving the books, magazines and multimedia items.
  • Offering assistance in the matter of processing the books, which would include affixing of barcodes, labels, stamping the property stamps, removing the labels etc.
  • Working out the circulation table by renewing the items, recovering reserve books.
  • Assisting with the copy machines and helping out students to deal with different matters related to the library.
  • Placing the books, newspapers and magazines on the display racks.
  • Assisting in the clerical tasks and offering assistance to the library staff.
  • Answering the telephone calls and transfer calls and taking care of the clerical tasks.

Library Student Worker Education, Training and Qualifications

A degree in library science is extremely imperative for it would teach the library student worker the methods of assisting in the smooth functioning of a library. Even if a student does not possess such a degree, he/ she can gain the adequate experience needed to function through internship.

Library Student Worker Job Degrees, Courses & Certification

Courses are available on Library Science, which can be taken for developing proper understanding of the method in which the libraries need to be operated. Students who are interested in pursuing the career of librarian can greatly benefit from the experience of working as a library student worker.

Library Student Worker Job Skills and Specifications

  • Knowledge of the classification system of library of congress.
  • Ability to work in a multi-disciplinary and collaborative framework.
  • Responsible and motivated.
  • Adequate computer competency.
  • Energetic and eager to assist both the patrons and library staff.
  • Maintaining proper discipline in the library.

Library Student Worker Job Salary/Wage

Generally, a library student worker is paid 8.25 an hour. However, this salary might vary from one employer to another.

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