Student Council Job Description

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Student council Job Description and Profile

Every school requires a student council, who ensures that the needs and demands of students pertaining to a school are fulfilled. The student council work as the mediator between the students and school authorities with the aim of helping both the parties. This professional behaves like a caretaker of the students whose duty is to ensure that the rights of the students are not hampered. This individual work towards instilling the requisite degree of discipline in the students and also try to upgrade the condition of the student union.

Student council Duties and Responsibilities

  • Safeguarding and promoting the rights and welfare of every student.
  • Keeping the student abreast of the developments that are taking place in the school in order to increase their level of participation and sense of belonging.
  • Ensuring that the students are abiding by the rules and regulations of the school.
  • Ensuring that the students are regularly participating in the diverse types of activities organized by the school.
  • Ensuring that the students are properly making use of the college facilities.
  • Upholding the moral values of the school every time.
  • Identifying the student’s needs and issues in order to solve them effectively.
  • Informing students about their rights and the way in which they can access them.
  • Monitoring the quality of teaching and referring serious issues to the student unions.
  • Assessing the learning and teaching methods existing in the school for best results.

Student council Education, Training and Qualifications

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in psychology, education or related field would be preferable. A diploma in student counseling can be helpful for pulling off the duties of a student council. Experience of 5 years at least of work in the related field is necessary.

Student council Job Degrees, Courses & Certification

Though no formal training is required to become a student council, an individual can take up a course in student counseling and must have idea about the student rights for better performance.

Student council Job Skills and Specifications

  • Knowledge about the student rights and the desired environment in schools.
  • Ability to maintain discipline among the students.
  • Responsible and motivated individual.
  • Ability to collaboratively work with team members in order to deliver the requisite outcomes.
  • Ability to work under stress.

Student council Job Salary/Wage

The salary of a student council is in between $10 to $15 per week. This salary might vary in accordance to a person’s experience and ability to deal with the tasks related to his/her job.

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