Student Employee Job Description

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Student employee job description and profile

A student employee is a student in a university who works part time assisting the professors in their research and academic work. The job of a student employee varies depending on the department in which he is employed. The job may involve teaching, research, financial operations, office work and writing work.

Student employee duties and responsibilities

  • Assisting the department in which he is employed in day to day work
  • Conducting experiments under the guidance of professors
  • Data entry, photocopying, documenting results, shredding, preparing certificates and documenting student records
  • Teaching under the guidance of the professors
  • Preparing files containing student records
  • Preparing files with faculty details
  • Updating files regularly as per instructions
  • Take dictations and type reports
  • Researching the internet for research material
  • Answering phone calls and providing satisfactory customer service
  • Delivering reports and performing errands in the campus
  • Organizing meetings
  • Conduct examinations on behalf of the professor in charge

Student employee skills and specifications

  • Must be attentive and fulfill the instructions given to him
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Must be an efficient worker
  • Must be punctual and reliable for the department in which he works
  • Must maintain confidentiality of the superior’s work
  • Must handle time extremely well
  • Handle the job without compromising in his education
  • Learn and assimilate as much information as possible while working
  • Keen observation and analytical skills

Student employee education and qualification

Student employees are in the process of completing graduation. They are trained while on the job.

Student employee salary

The average salary of a student employee is $30,000 per annum.

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