Student Services Coordinator Job Description

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Student services coordinator Job Description and Profile

Every educational institution, especially schools require a student services coordinator who takes care of the necessity of creating a value driven culture within the institution. Coordinating the different offices and services related to student welfare is the key duty of this professional. This employee builds and maintains a close relationship with the students throughout the entire process- from registration until graduation. He communicates with them regularly and resolves all issues in order to academic success and student satisfaction. This professional on behalf of the institution does ensuring that the student’s welfare is being taken care of.

Student services coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

  • Monitoring student performance, analyzing problem areas, determining solutions and conducting intervention processes.
  • Identifying and resolving student concern, coaching, devising useful strategies in order to meet the campus goals and benchmarks.
  • Handling the incoming service-related queries and concerns for the students, eliminating the delays which impede the success of the students.
  • Ensuring the timely execution of services and coordinating the marketing programs.
  • Leading the students through the registration process.
  • Delivering the student orientations and providing regular audit reports.
  • Participating in the development activities meant for student awareness and success development.
  • Relating well with other people in order to perform the duties with complete integrity, efficiency and confidentiality.
  • Carrying out all the paper related work pertaining to the office of student service coordinator.
  • Ensuring that all the academic procedures and policies are being taken care of.
  • Coordinating the activities of different offices in order to make them function in the way they should.

Student services coordinator Education, Training and Qualifications

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in social work or education or related field would be preferable. Knowledge of elementary school programs is imperative. Work experience of at least 3-5 years in the related field is necessary.

Student services coordinator Job Degrees, Courses & Certification

Along with a formal degree, a student services coordinator is expected to possess certain characteristics, which would help in the smooth execution of his tasks. Awareness about the higher education industry and ability to communicate well with the students is highly imperative.

Student services coordinator Skills and Specifications

  • Ability to maintain discipline in the students.
  • Great organizational skills.
  • Responsible professional and should possess creative skills.
  • Ability to create the correct environment for students
  • Positive minded and supportive.
  • Decision-making and problem solving abilities.

Student services coordinator Job Salary/Wage

The salary of a student services coordinator is $51,119 per annum. This salary might vary in accordance to a person’s experience and expertise.

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