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Accountant Trainee Job Description

August 7, 20120 Comments

Accountant trainee Job Profile and Description A trainee accountant gets exposure to the world of finance accounting and an opportunity to gather technical proficiency and commercial awareness. He may be initially asked to study sales analysis, help with the month end process, and commercially evaluate the fundamentals with existing relationships. Duties and Responsibilities Trainee accountants […]

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Accountant Job Description

October 13, 20110 Comments

Accountant Job Profile and Description An accountant plays a crucial as well as very important role in the smooth running of an organization. The main responsibility is to prepare monthly financial reports to maintain the financial activities. He or she has many responsibilities such as the task of performing a number of tasks from furnishing […]

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Public Accountant Job Description

October 1, 20110 Comments

Public Accountant Job Profile and Description The public accountant generally assigned with the public accounts as there is always a section of accounts in every company or organization and there is finance involved in each and every account. Therefore various people work in the section with the same aim to keep them in a transparent […]

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