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Data Entry Job Description

March 30, 20120 Comments

Data Entry Job Profile & Description Data entry keyers, also called key entry operators or data entry operators, enter lists of numbers, items, or other data into computers, for storage, processing or research purposes. They regularly help to transfer information from licenses, checks, or other hard copy documents into a computer. Data entry keyers usually […]

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Preschool Teacher Assistant Job Description

November 18, 20110 Comments

Preschool Teacher Assistant Job Profile and Description The preschool teacher assistant supposed to take care of those people who takes care of the little kids comes to play before going to a full time school. The job entails assisting the teacher of a pre-school. It will be needed to act as parents of the kids […]

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Administration Assistant Job Description

October 3, 20110 Comments

Administration Assistant Job Profile and Description The administration assistant is basically required to perform the administrative works and duties and other related functions in the office for the administration division and department. An administrative assistant has to do the vital jobs of administration such as coordination, oversight and administrative support and contact for the external […]

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