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Amusement Park Manager Job Description

April 13, 20120 Comments

Amusement Park Manager Job Profile and Description Amusement Park Manager has to carry out the daily operations related to the park responsibly. He needs to carry out the functions of client experience, tactical planning, monitoring safety etc with Excellent efficiency. He needs to ensure the satisfaction of the visitors and that the marketing of the […]

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Vending Machine Arcade Amusement Machine Servicer Repairer Job Description

April 12, 20120 Comments

Vending Machine/Arcade Amusement Machine Servicer/Repairer Job Profile and Description Coin-operated Vending Machine and Arcade Amusement Machine Repairers install, adjust or repair machines designed to dispense food and beverage as well as arcade game machines, music jukeboxes, and similar coin-operated machines. They service food and beverage vending machines by restocking the machines and retrieving the money […]

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