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News Analyst Job Description

April 25, 20120 Comments

News Analyst job profile and description A news analyst is responsible for analyzing the news received from various sources. They also examine and interpret the news before broadcasting it. The news that they examine are that of local, state, national and international events. A news analyst is also referred to as a newscaster or a […]

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Management Analyst Job Description

April 16, 20120 Comments

Management Analyst Job Profile and Description A Management Analyst is a person who is hired by companies to garner better profits and improve efficiency. He not only plans and suggests ways for these objectives to be reached, but he also involves himself in changing the structure and the workings of the organization for the better. […]

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Investment Banking Analyst Job Description

October 8, 20110 Comments

Investment banking analyst Job Profile and Description Investment banking analyst is basically the one who helps the companies to make investment decisions. The individual usually specialized in one particular sector such as energy, retail or financial services. He or she has to analyze results and reports on potential investment sector then has to generate information […]

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