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Telecommunications Analyst Job Description

August 6, 20120 Comments

Telecommunications analyst Job Profile and Description A telecommunications analyst is in charge of assessing and maintaining telecommunications system and equipment. He is a specialist who should have knowledge about various fields like network analysis, voice communications, data communications and operations center analysis. Analysts work primarily in offices but occasionally in an industrial setting. Duties and […]

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Telecom Analyst Job Description

August 4, 20120 Comments

Telecom Analyst Job Profile and Description A telecom analyst is responsible for an organization’s telecommunication system. He evaluates the equipments and takes complete care of them. He is responsible for the overall maintenance. Duties and Responsibilities The main job of a telecom analyst is to ensure that the telecommunication system of the organization does not […]

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Security Analyst Job Description

June 23, 20120 Comments

Security Analyst Job Profile and Description Security analyst work for almost any company or organization concerned with data security. They are also employed by specialized consulting firms, doing this type of work on a contractual basis. To perform this job, a security analyst will need experience in technical fields like: programming, systems analysis, and telecommunications. […]

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Software Test Analyst Job Description

April 5, 20120 Comments

Software Test Analyst Job Profile and Description Software Industry is turning out to be a booming industry in present days and software test analyst is an individual who is in charge for testing the quality and performance of a newly developed software and analyzing its development details to report about its functionality to the upper […]

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Programmer Analyst Job description

April 4, 20120 Comments

Programmer Analyst Job Profile & Description A programming analyst simply writes, modifies and reviews computer software. He is responsible for coding the software engineers’ work to be interpreted and run by a computer, testing, encoding, documenting and debugging programs. So, the software analyst comes into the play once the programmer hands in his work before […]

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Data Analyst Job Description

April 3, 20120 Comments

Data Analyst Job Description Job Title Data Analyst Duties and Functions: 1.       Evaluations and problem investigation 2.       Work closely with colleagues to try and identify data related problems and solve them 3.       Conduct research and collect data which will help in continual product development that will meet client needs 4.       Ensuring high quality data is […]

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Computer Systems Hardware Analyst Job Description

March 31, 20120 Comments

Computer systems hardware analyst job description and profile The job of a computer systems hardware analyst is to study the requirements of the organization regarding computers and recommending the best purchase combinations to the management. The job involves meeting with people from various divisions and understanding their specific requirements, analyzing the entire data as a […]

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Business Systems Analyst Job Description

March 31, 20120 Comments

Business Systems Analyst Job Description Project Related Competencies Technical requirements Ability to design new IT solutions Examination of existing business models and determination of new models to develop Production of outline designs Determination of cost of new IT systems Provision of specifications on the way the new system will be operated Career path core competencies […]

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Occupational Analyst Job Description

March 14, 20120 Comments

Occupational Analyst Job Profile and Description The Occupational or Job Analyst frequently researches industry trends in job classification and provides the framework for a company to define the jobs it needs to achieve business objectives but in line with industry standards. The analyst formalizes the occupational specifics of each position in the company so that […]

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Business Development Analyst Job Description

October 14, 20110 Comments

Business development analyst job profile and description Business development analyst is a very important part of the business that is largely responsible for shaping the future developments of the company. He or she plays an important role in formulating plans and strategies for the growth and development of a company. He or she takes an […]

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