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Linguistic Anthropologist Job Description

May 31, 20120 Comments

Linguistic Anthropologist t Job Profile and Description Linguistic Anthropologists are anthropologists who specialize in the research and study about the origin, evolution and interrelationships of languages and their roles in driving the emergence of cultures and civilizations peculiar to any of these languages. This is one of the major branches that anthropologists specialize in, with […]

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Anthropologist Job Description

May 29, 20120 Comments

Anthropologist Job Profile and Description One of the research intensive scientists in the social sciences is the Anthropologist who works mostly in the academe, museums and government agencies. Anthropologists often spearhead excavation expeditions and conduct research work to evaluate, and establish authenticity of excavation finds on human fossils and ancient burial sites. The profession has […]

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Forensic Anthropologist Job Description

April 27, 20120 Comments

Forensic anthropologist job description and profile Forensic anthropology is a branch of forensic pathology that deals with human remains or more particularly, skeletal remains. They help solve crimes and decide on the time of death, cause of death, circumstances of death and other similar questions through the study of skeletons. Forensic anthropologist job duties and […]

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