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Travel Assistant Job Description

September 21, 20120 Comments

Travel Assistant Job Profile and Description The job of the Travel Assistant is to deliver all kinds of assistance and guidance to the customers regarding all the travel-related information. The travel assistant welcomes the customers and provides information on all the travel destinations, schedule and packages. The other tasks of the travel assistant are to […]

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Public Relations Assistant Job Description

March 14, 20120 Comments

Public Relations Assistant Job Profile and Description The role of a Public Relations Assistant is related to projecting the image of the company that they are working for. This role has become more pronounced in the age of modern media. The role requires someone with exceptional perception. They should be confidently able to communicate with […]

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Communications Assistant Job Description

March 5, 20120 Comments

Communications Assistant Job Profile and Description The role of a Communications Assistant is to ensure that company messages are sent out in a professional format. They will need to verify the accuracy of the various information sources that are put out on the public arena. The successful candidate should be able to work in a […]

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Health Care Assistant Job Description

December 3, 20112 Comments

Health Care Assistant Job Profile and Description The Health Care Assistant needs to fulfill a very responsible and vital job. They basically have to work under the supervision of the practice nurse team leader indirectly. Health care assistants have to work in the coordination of the general practice health care team to satisfy the requirements […]

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