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Paralegal Assistant Job Description

August 1, 20130 Comments

The Paralegal Assistant is the individual who helps the department manager and paralegals to ensure appropriate preparation of lien release and lien requests. Paralegal Assistants do an extensive research on internet about their work and provide administrative and clerical support to the legal assistants and department managers. Duties and Responsibilities He has to mail lien […]

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Wholesale Assistant Job Description

November 28, 20120 Comments

Wholesale Assistant Job Description A Wholesale Assistant is an individual who is responsible for assisting in selling or representing an organization’s products and services either in stores, malls, godowns or retail outlets. They assist the wholesaler in dealing with clients, products or services. Duties and Responsibilities He needs to liaise with clients to maintain and […]

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Social Services Assistant Job Description

July 3, 20120 Comments

Social Services Assistant Job Profile and Description Social Services Assistant’s job includes assisting healthcare workers, social workers, or other professionals to render services to customers in helping them improve their value of life. These assistants perform duties, such as assessing customers’ needs, investigating their eligibility for services and benefits like Medicaid, welfare, and food stamps, […]

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Office Assistant Supervisor Job Description

May 14, 20120 Comments

Office Assistant Supervisor Job Description and Profile The Office Assistant Supervisor job involves managing and performing general office activities – keeping records, preparing documentation etc-etc. They have performs various duties and activities in the office. Duties and Specifications – Plans and designates daily activities to office personnel. Monitors the activities of all staff Handles technical issues like […]

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Assistant Office Manager Job Description

May 10, 20120 Comments

Assistant office manager job description and profile The job of an Assitant Office Manager  is to provide general office management services. Thy have to assit the office manager for a wide range of works. They handle issues like supplies, vendors, and staff problems. This job requires excellent communication abilities and multi-tasking skills. They have to […]

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Administrative Assistant Job Description

May 10, 20120 Comments

Administrative Assistant Job Description The job of an Administrative Assistant is top ovide administrative or secretarial support to the Manager in an organization. They have to perform general duties like attending visitors, completing secretarial works, answering calls, answering office emails, and handling vendors etc. They are the main liaison person that work as a chain […]

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Medical Office Assistant Job Description

April 28, 20120 Comments

Medical Office Assistant Job Profile and Description Medical Office Assistants conduct the job of managing and supervising the different departments of a health care company. From the administrative tasks to that of the clinical aspect of a healthcare unit is maintained by the Medical office assistant. They help the unit to function in a better […]

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Cable Television Staff Assistant Job Description

April 23, 20120 Comments

Cable Television Staff Assistant Job Description and Profile Under general supervision, the Cable Television Staff Assistant provides technical support to state-wide cable television production activities. The job of Cable Television Staff Assistant entails having a technical role in cable TV activities apart from being support to the general staff. Duties and Specifications Provides technical form […]

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Assistant Producer Job Description

April 21, 20120 Comments

Assistant Producer Job Description and Profile An assistant Producer is primarily responsible for raising fund for a film unit or television program. He is also involved in the creative process of script writing, artist co-ordination and selection, set selection and identification of suitable props and costumes. An assistant Producer is also responsible for the pre […]

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Legal Assistant Job Description

April 10, 20120 Comments

Legal Assistant Job Profile and Description The job profile of a ‘Legal Assistant’ requires a person to manage various administrative tasks related to legal cases – editing and preparing communication and legal documents, keeping records, statements, etc. A legal assistant works with many paralegals and attorneys in a multi-disciplinary team environment. Duties and Responsibilities – […]

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