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Student Career Descriptions

August 6, 20130 Comments

Student Career Descriptions Student Career Descriptions provides one with abandon opportunities that all the students can enjoy. They have ample number of options available in student careers especially in the educational field. One or the more ways to set up a career as a student are being a student leader for an event, a student’s […]

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Network Job Description

March 30, 20120 Comments

Network job description and profile A network job consists of ensuring that the company networks are up and running by regularly monitoring, upgrading and maintaining the network connected systems. The network jobs exist in different capacities like networking engineer, network manager, network analyst, network consultant, network associate and systems manager. Since there are different types […]

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Usher Job Description

March 24, 20120 Comments

Usher Job Description Usher Job Profile and Description A User works in a supportive role in many kinds of events and performs critical tasks – directing viewers to the right place and checking the tickets to ensure a smooth event. This is a freelance or part time position. They are trained on various sport activities […]

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Hair Dresser Job Description

March 24, 20120 Comments

Hair Dresser Job Description Hair Dresser Job Profile and Description A Hairdresser, also known as ‘Hairstylist’ is required to provide groming services like hair cutting, shampooing, coloring and styling hair. It also involves massaging the scalp, applying makeup, dressing wigs, removing hair, hair straightening, and weaving hair & other hair treatments. Duties and Responsibilities – […]

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HR Officer Job Description

March 10, 20120 Comments

HR Officer Job Profile Description HR officer’s job entails developing, advising and implementing policies including working practices, recruitment, diversity, and employment pay conditions required by the organization. HR officer also coordinates the employee recruitment process by providing support and advice to staff selection committees and supervisors, ensuring that they have timely and accurate information to […]

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HR Advisor Job Description

March 6, 20120 Comments

HR Advisor Job Profile and Description HR advisor’s job entails Giving comprehensive, pragmatic, and customer focused HR support and advice to employees, and managers. HR advisors work within appropriate corporate human resources and directorate strategies, and plans to provide a quick, accurate professional HR support to staff and managers of the corporate, financial, environmental services, […]

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Allergist Job Description

November 30, 20110 Comments

Allergist Job Profile and Description The allergist is basically a medical professional who is involved in treating allergies and immunity related disorders. Mostly, the allergic disorders are a result of exposure to certain materials in the environment. The professional is a certified medical specialist. The duty is to help the patients to get relief from […]

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Gerontology Job Description

November 29, 20110 Comments

Gerontology Job Profile and Description The Gerontologists are basically the professionals who study the impact of aging on human beings. They make the ageing process easier both physically and emotionally. He or she has to work in a number of industries from medical to academic settings. The job requires forming the relationships with other people […]

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Health Informatics Job Description

November 28, 20110 Comments

Health informatics job profile and description The role of a health informatics professional must have the required interest in the research projects. The job is basically a stepping stone into the medical world. The job calls for someone who has a clear vision to improve the practice. It will be the responsibility to understand the […]

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Budget Analyst Job Description

November 26, 20110 Comments

Budget Analyst Job Profile and Description The budget analyst works as a part of a team in the corporate planning function. The main responsibility is to prepare and validate the financial budget plans. It is necessary to take the plans from the unit level to a consolidated corporate level. The responsibility is to ensure the […]

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