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3D Animation Job description

October 18, 20130 Comments

3D Animation Job Profile & Description Three dimensional animation involves creating characters and objects in 3 dimensional layout and adding visual effects to achieve an attractive and realistic illusion. 3D animators require strong traditional skills and storytelling abilities that can be applied to digital technology. There are several main areas of the 3D animation industry […]

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Taxi Driver Job Description

September 1, 20120 Comments

Taxi Driver Job Profile and Description Taxi driver is someone who takes common people from place to place for a hire. The amount of hire may depend on distance travelled; one time fixed payment or zone wise flat rates. Riders can hire taxis by calling cab agencies which in turn contact the drivers via two […]

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Kindergarten Teacher Job Description

November 18, 20111 Comment

Kindergarten Teacher Job Profile and Description The Kindergarten Teacher is the one works for the overall development of eth students. The job entails catering suitable learning environment, supervision, and motivation to the students. The kindergarten teacher is the one who introduce children to learning and to the basic skills. They teach the students in the […]

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Project Director Job Description

November 16, 20110 Comments

Project Director Job Profile and Description The Project Director is basically a professional who supposed to manage the policies and the strategies properly required for an organization. He or she has to work for establishing the good rapport with clients and other fellow problems. The person should have the ability to capitalize the different opportunities […]

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Telesales Executive Job Description

October 15, 20112 Comments

Telesales Executive Job Description and Profile Telesales Executives are basically the one who supposed to do the duty of communicating with potential customers through telephone to develop an effective pipeline. The main aim is to sell and up sell various products to clients depending upon the business needs to succeed new business and to exceed […]

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Telemarketing Manager Job Description

October 15, 20111 Comment

Telemarketing Manager Job Description and Profile Telemarketing Manager is responsible for supervising the telemarketers in persuading the customers or individuals to buy the products and services and is accountable for recruiting, leading and mentoring an inbound and outbound call center. The job brings with the position, a plethora full of challenges that require a comprehensive […]

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KPO Job Description

October 15, 20116 Comments

KPO Job Description and Profile KPO professionals basically work for the companies, which receive the knowledge based projects or work from various other companies. It is knowledge outsourcing of intensive business processes, which require specialized domain proficiency and it involves processes like research, valuation, investment researches, insurance and legal claim, patent filing etc…the other responsibilities […]

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Actuary Job Description

October 13, 20110 Comments

Actuary Job Profile and Description The job of an actuary is very different and the tasks involved are basically depends upon the nature of the industry. The scope of the tasks is varied and it covers everything from unemployment insurances to state retirements and pension plans for the organization. Actuary Duties and Responsibilities Here are […]

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Operations administrator Career Description

October 4, 20110 Comments

Operations Administrator Career Description An operations administrator plays a very important role in a company or the organization as he or she will have to do a number of tasks which are very important to the company. The duty includes first of all overseeing all the operations in various departments of the firm. He or […]

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Business Administration Career Job Description

October 3, 20110 Comments

Business administration career job profile and description The business administration career professional actually has to do the work related to the administration and management of the business. He or she will have to do the expansive work and will take in many different elements that work to the advantage of the successful candidate. The job […]

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