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Hospitality industry Job description

December 3, 20111 Comment

Hospitality industry Job Profile and Description The hospitality industry is one of the most successful service industries in the world. As it consist of the companies such as food service, accommodation, entertainment and recreation. The duties of an event coordinator is organizing and planning such events as conferences, convention, banquets and meetings for the visitors. […]

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Call Center Job Descriptions

October 15, 20110 Comments

v      INTRODUCTION: The call center is basically a place which often support for communication to marketing and services wing of a wide variety of consumer products. The job opportunity in the field has been growing suddenly very fast because of recent advances of technology. The person should be aware of the challenges, risks, and career […]

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BPO Job Description

October 15, 20112 Comments

BPO Job Description and Profile BPO refers to Business Process Outsourcing. BPO professionals supposed to operate back office outsourcing tasks which includes many internal business functions like billing, purchasing. It is contracting a particular business task to a third-party business service provider.  Some companies implement BPO as a cost-saving maneuver for tasks and somewhere they […]

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Landscape Technician Job Description

October 6, 20110 Comments

Landscape Technician Job Profile and Description A landscape technician is the one who designs and installs new garden and peripheral building structures and employs for may be a private residential or a large corporation. He or she basically cares for plants, shrubs trees, and other foliage in gardens. And designs like walkways, bridges or walls. The […]

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