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Warehouse Clerk Job Description

October 12, 20122 Comments

Warehouse Clerk Job Profile and Description Typically, the profile of a Warehouse Clerk is to help in handling the daily administrative and organizational functions of a warehouse. An individual with a clerical position in a warehouse is essentially required to maintain records of all activities and processes pertaining to the storehouse and conduct all duties […]

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Inventory and Invoice Clerk Job Description

September 29, 20120 Comments

Inventory and Invoice Clerk Job Profile and Description The role of an Inventory and Invoice Clerk is that of maintaining inventory management, stock taking and accounting records. An invoice clerk requires working under the supervision of an office manager and ensuring the seamless recording of trade and non-trade receivables. Inventory and invoice clerks are mostly […]

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Parts Counter Clerk Job Description

June 11, 20120 Comments

Parts Counter Clerk Job Profile and Description This job profile carries the responsibility of performing with multitasking abilities to ensure smooth operations of a business. They undergo an on the job training prior actually working to get familiarized with the products and the business functions of the organization. Duties and Responsibilities Interacting with clients, knowing […]

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Retail Grocery Check Out Clerk Job Description

June 5, 20120 Comments

Retail Grocery Check-Out Clerk Job Profile and Description A Retail Grocery Check-Out Clerk assists in the billing, packing and other related functions of a store. An employee of this position requires displaying vigilance and swiftness in the work and adjusting to the workings of a dynamic environment. A retail grocery check-out clerk is usually required […]

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Procurement or Purchasing Clerk Job Description

May 16, 20120 Comments

Procurement or Purchasing Clerk Job Profile and Description Every business employs ‘Purchase or Purchasing Clerk’ –   involved in buying office resources and raw materials needed for production. They gather needs from various divisions for approved material requisitions, prepare purchase orders and buy, keep track of purchases and resources. They also make sure that the official […]

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Medical Records Clerk Job Description

May 1, 20120 Comments

Medical Records Clerk Job Profile and Description A health care unit would fail to run successfully if it does not have a Medical Records Clerk to its aid. These people keep an account of every little development and event that has occurred in the unit which might be of some significance in the future. These […]

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Medical Clerk Job Description

April 28, 20120 Comments

Medical Clerk Job Profile and Description A modern medical office requires a Medical Clerk who would be able to keep it in organized and perfect form. Though each medical unit has its own manager, these clerks suffice the role of an organizer who takes care of different aspects like record keeping, organizing, copy and faxing, […]

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Production Expediting Clerk Job Description

April 18, 20120 Comments

Production Expediting Clerk Job Profile and Description The ‘Production Expediting Clerk’ takes care of the different aspects of production procedures in a manufacturing facility. They coordinate and speed up the delivery of merchandise, equipments and supplies in a company for effective production schedules. This is an entry-level position, and a clerk works in cooperation with […]

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Airline Catering Operations Manager Clerk Job Description

April 17, 20120 Comments

Airline Catering Operations Manager Job Profile and Description The job profile of an ‘Airline Catering Operations Manager’ requires a person to take care of the whole catering activities for an establishment and provide excellent customer service. They have to oversee everything – food production, catering staff, supplies, and inventories etc. Airline Catering Operations Manager Duties […]

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Law Clerk Job Description

April 10, 20120 Comments

Law Clerk Job Profile and Description The job profile of a ‘Law Clerk’ involves providing assistance to judges or lawyers by conducting legal study, and preparing legal files or documents. A clerk has to provide assistance for all kinds of legal and secretarial matters to the Legal Services staff. They are required to produce draft […]

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