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Communications Manager Job Description and Profile

October 29, 20130 Comments

The job of a communications manager is to oversee all communication related activities such as public addresses, press conferences, addressing the employees, releasing press notes and all other incoming and outgoing communications from the company. He has a responsibility to uphold the brand value and reputation of the company in the market. Communications Manager Duties […]

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Communications Specialist Job Profile and Description

September 2, 20130 Comments

The product’s acceptability in the market is a reflection of its reputation and the image that the company has, and thus determines is profitability. Its continuance and existence also hinges to the same reputation. Public Relations Specialists or Media Specialists also known as Communication Specialists in other industries, work as advocates for companies, organizations and […]

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Communications Specialist Job Description

May 16, 20120 Comments

Communications Specialist Job Profile and Description   The role of a ‘Communications Specialist’ is very important in a business. This position is also known as ‘Public Relations Officer’. The person is required to build a positive image about a company in public. They market a company and its products or services for commercial purposes. Communications […]

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